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Varovitets Waterfall is a natural phenomenon with impressive grandeur and beauty. Its water, impetuous and wild, falls down on a few terraces into the riverbed of the Malki Iskar River. Its delightful sound blends with the birdsongs and fills the fairy woodland.

The Monastery of the Holy Trinity is situated right next to the waterfall.This place of worship is noted for its natural beauty and rich historical heritage. It is surrounded by a century-old beech forest echoed with the song of birds and the clear-ringing whisper of the waterfall. This spectacular place attracts tourists and guests of the town with its unique beauty.

To get to the waterfall you need to take the road to Ribaritsa village and then the road leading to the Monastery of the Holy Trinity.

It takes an hour and a half of walking along the marked pathways to reach the Monastery of the Holy Trinityand Varovitets Waterfall from the town of Etropole.  

By walking along the marked pathways from Varovitets Waterfall, it is easy to reach Vranyata Voda Waterfall in the village of Yamna and the ancient settlement St. Athanasius.

Source: The History Museum of Etropole