• Spinach-cheese balls, served with milk sauce

    /spinach, cow cheese, milk sauce, dill, garlic/

  • Scrambled eggs with pepper, cheese and mortadella

    /red pepper, egg, cheese, tomato, butter, mortadella, slice of bread, garlic, parsley/

  • Porcini mushroom with butter

  • Crispy fillet “Saganaki”

    /crispy chicken fillet, tomato sauce, cheese, oregano, slice of bread, olive oil, garlic, onion/

  • Buffalo chicken wings

    /crispy chicken wings, smoked red pepper, garlic, sauce "Barbecue", cream, chopped chilli pepper, parsley/

  • Meatballs with porcini and baked sauce

    /porcini, mini meatballs, baked sauce, cream, parsley, butter, garlic, onion/

  • Fried onion rings

  • Veal sausage with sunny side up egg and roasted pepper

    /veal sausage, egg, roasted pepper, tomato sauce, garlic, parsley/

  • Kachamak served with crispy shrimps

    /corn flour, fresh milk, butter, crispy shrimps, red pepper/

  • Traditional burek pepper served with yogurt sauce                   

    /roasted pepper, cow cheese, yogurt, parsley, dill/

  • Breaded cheese bites with blueberry jam                                     

    /melted cheese, homemade blueberry jam/

  • Crispy  yellow cheese

  • Sweet potatoe wedges

  • Home made french fries with garlic

  • French fries
  • French fries with cheese