• Steamed porcini with butter, sautéed potatoes and gratinated yellow cheese
    /porcini, potatoes, yellow cheese, cream, thyme, parsley, butter/

  • Traditional Burek pepper served with strained yogurt with dill
    /roasted pepper, cow cheese, yogurt, parsley, dill/

  • Cheese bites with forest fruits jam
    /cheese, homemade jam/

  • Veal tongue in butter with mushrooms and thyme
    /veal tongue, field mushrooms, butter, thyme, parsley, black pepper/

  • Kachamak served with game jerky pieces in butter
    /traditional Bulgarian food, milk, butter, yellow cheese, game jerky/

  • Mix of roasted vegetables with dill and lemon dressing
    /carrots, pepper, zucchini, eggplant, onion, lemon, dill, olive oil/

  • Crispy  yellow cheese

  • French fries
  • French fries with cheese