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The fortress “Chertirad” is a natural monument (a rock complex with forest vegetation inhabited by rare and endangered mammals and birds of prey).

Chertirad is located on the land of Brusen village between the villages of Brusen, Lopyan, Yamna and Cherni Vit. It was probably built in the 4th or 3rd century BC. 

The most convenient starting point to the fortress is the village of Yamna. It is situated at 3 km distance from the village and it takes about 2 hours to get there along a marked pathway called "Following in Benkovski’s footsteps". There is a yearlong tradition that every first Saturday of May tourists gather at Chertigrad to light fires and grill meat-on-sticks.

In ancient times whenever the Thracian tribes living there were in danger, they were seeking the protection of the strong Thracian fortress "Chertigrad". The fortress is separated from the ridge by a narrow isthmus where the wall was built. 2.5 m high remains of this wall are preserved. On all other sides, 100 m high rocks descend to the valley of the Cherni Vit River. According to Vasil Mikov, this is the reason why the fortress was called Chertigrad (from Old Bulgarian: a place that only the devil can conquer).

Source: The History Museum of Etropole