The Clock Tower in the town of Etropole was built up in 1710. It was originally conceived as a watchtower, but in 1821 a clock mechanism was also installed in it, thus turning it into a clock tower. The clock mechanism was manufactured by master Dido and since then the Clock Tower has become a prominent town’s landmark.

The Clock Tower in Etropole is one of the oldest ones in Bulgaria. It was built in 1719 by master Todor. It was first used as a watchtower and defense tower, which explains why it has a fortified structure and apertures on its three sides. It was made of smooth stones and travertine. The total height of the tower is 20 m. The clock tower has three distinct parts. The lower stone section is composed of 14 horizontal belts separated by oak beams. Inside the tower building there is a wooden staircase with two landings. On the western side of the upper section there is a stone clock face inscribed with the date of its construction – 1710. The watchtower was turned into a clock tower in 1821. The experienced master-craftsman Dido manufactured the clock mechanism, while the bell was taken from the ruined church of St. Athanasius Monastery. Nowadays the tower has been renovated and the clock works with complete accuracy. The Clock Tower has been considered as an architectural monument of culture.

Source: The History Museum of Etropole